Milky Way at Joshua Tree

TravelKarl Orotea | @KARLNIKOLAIComment

I've never actually dedicated a trip to capture the Milky Way, so this was a first. My friend Brandon was persistent in coercing me to go with him on the darkest day of the month, which landed on a Monday night, a school night. It did take a while to get into the mentality that I was going to stay up the entire night and attend class the following morning. Nevertheless, I put it all into perspective: I've spent countless nights staying up studying or doing things I couldn't care less about and this would be the first I'd be making an attempt in participating in something I have a passion for. So, fuck it.

In short, when your friend tells you that the Milky Way is out, without hesitation do you go. It'll always be an unforgettable experience.