TravelKarl Orotea | @KARLNIKOLAIComment

The first part of my Utah trip began with arriving late Friday night and trying to capture a thunderstorm. I was, ignorantly and stubbornly, driving fast through some BLM land dirt roads once we were near Arches National Park and I ended up hitting a dip that screwed up my car's belt drive which ended up rubbing against the framework. Obviously we sat it out for the rest of the night to fix up our only ride back. I mean at least we were able to camp out get some sleep for free after driving about 9 hours from California. The morning and the rest of the day after was an incredibly packed schedule. The original plan was to visit both Arches and Canyonlands since they're both a short distance from one another, but we ended up spending the entire day at Arches due to it being such a busy weekend. The backdrop of heavy clouds behind countless eroded formations accompanied with the desert landscape were amazing to see. I, however, hated the fact that most of the color in Utah consisted of orange hues and I feel like this trip somehow made me lose some motivation and inspiration because I can't for the life of me edit oranges nicely. Anyway, I digress. If you ever intend to visit Arches, try to do as much as you can because it is possible to get through and navigate the entire park in one day if you plan correctly. And no matter how overrated or overphotographed a place/landmark could be, visit it! It was still awesome to see that thing that's on all of Utah's license pates.