The Schindler House

LifestyleKarl Orotea | @KARLNIKOLAIComment

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These visits to Modernistic houses in LA have been happening frequently lately. I initially heard about this house from @annienguyen not too long ago. Julia and I decided to check it out during our free time. Amazingly built harnessing industrial materials (of course), tilted concrete slabs, frosted glass, canvas walls and a low ceiling, the entire take away from "residential" housing is absurd. I mean it's an experimental take on a one story, open floor complex to inhabit 2 couples at the same time. Both 2 studio "apartments" are separated and joined together by a kitchen-utility hybrid room. For an alternative to bedrooms, Schindler added 2 rooftop sleeping baskets.

Most areas of the house are accessible and we coincidentally caught it right in it's transition phase of becoming an exhibition: meaning the entire house was empty for our wandering pleasure. Our visit consisted of 2 hours of admiring and critiquing the house and I already have the need to revisit. According to my friend Annie, it's one of the few houses in LA to really consider its environments rather than focusing on grand aesthetics, avant-garde architecture during its time. Julia, as a structural engineering major, thinks its entirely flawed in construction. I mean doesn't that somewhat epitomize LA in a way, that most things are usually just for show? The house has had its use and seems to be just another empty vessel and artifact of the past.

All shots taken with a Halma Flex TLR + Neopan Acros 100 & Fujifilm Pro 160NS