fryman canyon park

Sixty Seven Mustang

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With a 1967 Ford Mustang at my disposal, how could I not take advantage of the situation! Recently took a road trip with some friends up to Fryman Canyon Park. I've never been before and was excited to see what kind of shots I could get with one of my friends Alysia during our trip up.  I've shot her previously before but her hair was bright purple, now that its a little more natural I wanted to shoot her again and see what results i could get. Things got a little nerve wrecking at first because we couldn't seem to find a good location to shoot and as you can tell by some of the photos, time wasn't on our side. But finally we just drove as high as possible until there were little people around to get in our way. Once we got there we just shot away and i'm glad it took so long because the lighting ended up being amazing. Nothing like a mixture of twilight, golden hour, and a little artificial light from the head lights to create some great shadows and reflections. This is my first blog entry attempt for Might Killers so I thought this might be a good one to test the waters with. Hopefully more to come....  -Nolis