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In A Rainy Kyoto

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雨の日は写真を撮るわたしたちにとって嬉しいシチュエーションなんですよね。京都なら「祇園」 「八坂の塔」 「石塀小路」 とか最高です。写真撮りにいきませんか?雨の京都へ。

If it rains when you stay in Kyoto, You have to be glad. Because you can really take nice photos in a rainy Kyoto. Here are some of these that I want to recommend.

Gion street (祇園) Yasaka pagoda (八坂の塔) Ishibeikoji (石塀小路)  

Let's meet in rainy Kyoto. 

Tsukiji Fish Market

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It was the first time I went Tsukiji Fish Market in early June 2015.  It's a large wholesale market for fish in central Tokyo. About 9AM on Saturday, really crowded when I was there. Things coming and going. I was trying to photograph working people and tourist as a street photographer. It was a really fun experience.

If you are planning to come here, you should hurry. The Tsukiji Fish Market is scheduled move  to a new site in Toyosu in 2016. It's supposed to be clean and neat. I mean old and dirty is better for capturing documentary photograph. 
-Takashi Yasui