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At each and every one of our meets that we have done in the past, none have blown us away more than the ones we've hosted in different countries. Being that we are a California based brand, the fact that we have a global support foundation from all around the world is truly a blessing. Which is why we are so stoked to announce EXPLORE SHANGHAI co-hosted by InstaMeet Shanghai. We love being able to connect with other community driven creatives so of course we had to link up with none other, InstaMeetSH!

The location of the meet is what we're most excited about.. the 1933 Slaughterhouse.  An intricate concrete structure originally built as a cattle slaughterhouse. Intertwining ramps, staircases, columns, and "air bridges" that led cattle to their slaughter, pretty eerie backstory to such a beautifully built four-story building. Here's a good write up on 1933 Slaughterhouse by Atlas Obscura
#MKEXPLORE #instameetsh20

Earlier Event: October 24
Later Event: November 14