Following shortly after our visit to Tokyo, Japan... We are stoked to be holding our next international Explore meet in one of the densest cities of India; Mumbai. Mumbai is known to be one of the most populous cities in the world, full of history, traditions and culture. Just about everything needed to capture beautiful photos. We will be starting off meeting at the Mount Mary Basilica, also known as the Mount Mary Church in Bandra @ 5:00PM IST.  We have teamed up with @Mumbai_IGers to co-host with us.

As a creative, we know that seeking inspiration and motivation is an ongoing challenge. This is one of the main reasons we chose to start Explore. We want to bring out people from every background, with all sorts of talents, beliefs and styles together. We want people to be exposed to other creatives and to take a breath of fresh air together. Our goal for Explore is to be a catalyst for inspiration and motivation to do something we're passionate about. We all get lost in our lives with doing things we need to do and end up losing sight of the thing we love to do. Exploring can be therapeutic; we tend to find things we didn't know existed... in nature, in our world, and within ourselves.


Mighty Killers Explore Mumbai Instameet
Tuesday,July 7th 2015

Mount Mary Basilica (Church)
Bandra, Mumbai, India

Meeting at Mount Mary Basilica (Church)
5:00PM India Standard Time
Ending at Bandra Bandstand Walk

Hosted by:
@nikk_la    @mumbai_igers