Blooded Beauty

Silas SaoComment

Once again, I’m back with a themed post. It’s Halloween today so what better way to celebrate than to go shooting, right?

I planned this shoot about a week before Halloween. I had asked a friend of mine to be the model. Long story short, plans fell through the day I was supposed to do the shoot and I had to find a new model. 

I met Christa through my friend Leanna. Leanna shared one of my previous sets on Facebook. Christa saw it and contacted me to setup a shoot. Originally, I couldn’t fit her in for another 2-3 weeks. After my first set of plans fell through, I contacted Christa to see if she’d like to be my replacement. She agreed. We set a time for the very next day, the day before Halloween.

Halloween Eve approaches and I’m blessed with rain and fog. Not pouring rain, but a light drizzle, just enough for setting the mood. It was the perfect weather for the concept I had in mind. We headed up to higher elevation and entered the thickness of the fog. We got to the location I had previously scouted and start getting ready. I snapped a couple test shots and we were on our way.

First things first, I always try to knock out some nice looking portraits for my subjects before I ask them to get dirty, or in this case, bloody. We knocked out a couple shots then headed deeper into the trees. We got a little messy and being under the trees, it was causing us to get soaked. We talked for a quick minute about poses and potential shots I wanted to capture. I poured some of the blood into Christa’s hands, and we began.

I wanted to create a sort of savage feel. I wanted this concept to show a character that came off as an animal, but at the same time, sensual. I wanted to show that there can still be beauty in the darkness.

Please follow along and visually enjoy this dark journey with me.

Oh, and Happy Halloween! :)