Give Thanks

Jared | @tadlockaComment

This past week I was able to spend the Thanksgiving Holiday in Colorado. While it seems like an ideal situation, there was one setback: I would be home alone. To be on your own over a holiday that puts an emphasis on family is a unique experience; during my past 4 years in school I was never able to go home and be with my family since basketball season always overlapped it, so being on my own in the end of November is nothing new to me. 

But this year was different. This year I was able to BE on my own; I wasn't being corralled on the way to a gym or team dinner, I was with my thoughts and a small number of close friends. I think its wild when you get the chance to experience something as routine as a Thanksgiving meal through a different perspective. I'm a firm believer in opposing the routine, and this past week I was able to do that. I was able to watch the sun go down every night above 10,000ft. I was able to snowshoe out onto ridges in search of rocks to find shelter from gusts. I was able to eat a 3-course Thanksgiving feast at a small pub. I was able to work on new projects with awesome clients. I was able to spend my afternoons snowboarding at keystone before I headed off to shoot in the afternoon. And most importantly, I was able to appreciate those around me, and fully reflect on everything I have in life to be thankful for. 

I was able to throw out the routine, and create my own tradition. 

- Happy Thanksgiving