The Glacier Tour

Travel, LifestyleSam Graves | @thesamgravesComment

To me, nothing says "adventure" like a trip through the mountains and there are few things that I anticipate and enjoy more than standing in the presence of them. Something about them have always had a way of taking my breath away and making me feel both powerful and insignificant at the same time. It's a crazy feeling, one that I find incredibly hard to find words for. 

We took a trip into Glacier National Park, knowing it was winter and that most of the park would be closed but little did we know that even the outer edges of the park still top the worlds most beautiful sceneries. We shot sunrise, mid day and sunset every day of our five day itinerary and while it was very cold, and a non stop schedule, it was one of my favorite trips to date. We toured through icy roads, hiked miles through bear country and had the most epic snowball fight the world has ever known. Ever. 

We came and we conquered. And who knew that frozen Sour Patch Kids could be so good?