The California coast line is something else...

Throughout all my years of living on the west coast, I can’t seem to get enough of what it has to offer. From the mystical Redwood forest to the scenic HWY 1 shoreline, the west coast has it all. And Point Reyes is no exception to that. 

Recently, I took a trip through this national park to just get out of the house. I didn't have any where in particular that I wanted to go, nor did I have a time schedule I needed to meet. It was relaxing to wander around with no agenda on what would end up being an epic day. The afternoon sky was bright blue without a cloud in sight, this might sound like a picnic in the park, but for a photographer it’s exactly the opposite. Shitty light conditions like this tend to make pictures blown out and boring, but these are the challenges I always look for. Always testing yourself in a multitude of different environments is what pushes you past your comfort zone. 

But sometimes even I get frustrated and stop shooting. I think its natural to take a break and even refreshing at times. Always stressing about getting that perfect shot is not what shooting means to me. When I’m able to put down the camera  and soak in the views is when I can truly begin to appreciate everything. You begin to reflect on everything thats going on in your life; all the good and the bad. You appreciate all of the positive things you may have otherwise overlooked when something has you down. It’s these moments that I remember the most when I look back on all my adventures. The pictures are always an added bonus.