Marvin King | @MIGHTYKILLSComment

Upon arriving to Yosemite, our walking wikipedia Trevor took us on our first hike of the trip on a trail called Old Oak Flat. I definitely was not expecting the heat, so you can say that I was very under prepared. When I checked the weather, it said 70's.. and even that is too hot for me for hikes. The ideal temperature for hikes is like 50's for me, I just love being able to layer up and shed them as I go... but when it's hot, theres only so much you can do and so much you can shed off.. then you're just left with layers and layers of sweat.

It was just that in this situation. I was wearing Cole Haan boots, skinny jeans and high socks.. It was pretty brutal the entire way but man, the views were insane. Trevor told us not to look back until we reached a point, and then he would tell us to look and he guaranteed it would be totally worth it.. So guess how long it took me until I looked back? Instantly... The curiosity was eating at me. Although I probably messed up that moment of awe the others got to experience, I was still fucking amazed every time I turned around and looked. I think I probably turned to look back over 50 times the entire hike. The wildfires made the view that much more amazing.