Darker days: seeing the world in black & white.

Sam Graves | @thesamgraves1 Comment

As artists, we create based on how we feel, how we think and how on any particular day, we see the world. It's part of what makes art, art - the freedom to express and create unbound by the limitations of perfection. It is our own. It can be so easy to put ourselves in a box based on what we perceive other people will appreciate but that kind of mindset will kill the spirit of an artist for art was never meant to be put in box. It was meant to be free. 

I've never been into black & white photography very much - to the extent that I never found an appreciation for it and just didn't think it was me or my type of art. I've always had a love for color and a more loud, cinematic feel. For whatever reason though, over the last several weeks I've had an undying fascination with seeing the world in black & white. When I begin to see past the color, suddenly the smallest shadows and the tiniest hints of light bring life to the opportunity to capture it with my camera. Something about the way it adds character to the flaws that color simply cannot hide and gives a new flavor to the abstract - something that I've never learned to appreciate in terms of my own creative process. Though there's an inspiration and excitement that comes with it that I can't seem to describe how it makes me feel - but that's just it, it's me. It's my art. And that's what makes it special.