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The slot canyons in Arizona has long been on my bucket list so when the opportunity arose to go, you can imagine how stoked I was. I think we all knew fairly well just how popular Antelope Canyon is, with the amount of photos and advertisement going around but we just didn't really think anything of it. We planned to get in early morning and find a place to give us a tour of Antelope but we had no luck. Everything was booked up for the entire day. I kept searching and searching for other companies but everyone of them were completely booked. We finally came across this one company that offered a tour of an alternative slot canyon by the way of a H2, a bit more expensive but at that point, I was ready to drop down whatever to just see them. Although it was Antelope Canyon, I was still super stoked on being here. It was completely private and we had the freedom to just roam on our own and shoot. Glad plan B worked out. 

Monument Valley and Antelope Canyon

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This must have been my most favorite day out of the whole duration of our trip in the South West. We woke up early and caught the sunrise looking over Monument Valley. I must say, it was certainly a view that one could not easily forget. After watching the sunrise, we hurried to check-out and drove down the road where the infamous running scene of Forest Gump was taken. Once we got the shots we hoped for, we then rushed over to Antelope Canyon where we explored the Upper and Lower Antelope Canyons to end our day.

Quick Trip through the South West

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Last week I was able to join Bryan and Silas on a trip and ventured our way through the South West. In four days, we were able to travel throughout Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. The drive was one thing that I did not mind at all since the scenery throughout the drive was exquisite as if being taken right out of a movie. It was quite remarkable in comparison to the drive towards the Pacific Northwest. We were able to touch down on the Valley of Fire, Horse Shoe Bend, Bryce Canyon, Monument Valley, Antelope Canyon, and Zion National Park all the while being able to stay in cabins that were very close or right at these destinations. The weather wasn't ideal nor was it what we hoped for. However, we made the best of the situation and in the end it did indeed turned out to be a trip to remember. Shoutout to the bisons and horses we met a long the way.