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Although having the main road through Glacier closed really did suck, one good did come out of it. Driving on the outskirts of the park gave us some pretty amazing views of the snowcapped mountains from a distance. It was an awesome opportunity for a challenge to capture them with different foregrounds. It really allows you the chance to test your eye as a photographer on how creatively you can frame a subject. Next time you go out and shoot, take only a telephoto lens with you and see what you can get. Shooting wide is awesome but it definitely limits you on the range of opportunities for creative framing. Shooting telephoto is pretty challenging but the end results of a well framed shot is in comparison to no other. I shot these with a Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L V2 mounted on my Sony a7ii (adapter needed). Don't have a tele-lens? Make sure to head on over to BorrowLenses and rent one to try one out. Use code "MIGHTYKILLS10OFF" for 10% off your rental purchase.