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I think this is the fourth or fifth consecutive year my wife and I have traveled to Hawaii, but its our first time in Maui. The previous years, we've always gone to Honolulu but this time around, we really wanted to escape the madness of Waikiki. Hyatt Regency in Maui was kind enough to let us crash at their resort.  Did I mention that also had some kick ass views of the Milky Way right in their backyard?

Maui's Upcountry

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When you tell people you’re going to Maui, the first thing that comes to their mind is you laying out on the beach, grabbing that nice Hawaiian tan and having someone constantly bring you cocktails. It’s true, there is a place like that, but it’s not for telling this time around. I’m here to tell you about the other side. A side where you rarely see a paved road. Where there are jungles with bamboo that is twice, if not triple, your size. A side where you climb the trees for the fresh coconuts. Hike through a “backyard”, that looks like another jungle, where you can jump into a huge ass swimming hole.

Please follow along as I tell you a visual story featuring places like the Commando Trail in the Bamboo Forest, Keanae and Wialua Valley, and even the Road to Hana. These places and more are what the locals refer to as, Upcountry.

Special thanks to Tzigany for showing me and my buddy Chad this side of Maui.