Three Days in Ireland

TravelJohannes HoehnComment

We have just spent three days on this beautiful island. I'm still blown away by the unique landscape we found there and all the great and moody places we have seen. We have been on the island for pretty much exactly 72 hours and in review I can say that we made the best out of it. I have collected a lot of amazing shots and got an output which I had not expected at first. The "Connemara" area has been so amazing, this place was an inspiration and motivation and just a lot of fun to explore. I could have spent days there and not be bored. It has this crazy combination of green fields, forests, mountains, lakes, sheep and of course the coast which is truly unique and unlike anywhere else I guess. I really fell in love with this place.      

Now pleas enjoy the shots! This is what you can get in only 2 days of exploring the countryside of Ireland. Just imagine how much you can get when you stay there for some days or weeks. We will definitely come back to explore more of the "Emerald Isle".