In the Heat


Sometimes the heat can be a little too much to get use to, but anything for a new experience. This trip to Joshua Tree/Mojave Desert was pretty intense because of the heat, sleeping arrangement, and lack of coffee but that didn't stop us from hitting sunrise to sunset. The highlight from the trip was definitely checking out the Lava Tube because the light rays was just perfect. This place was a bit eerie because of the low light, smell, and flying bats but when you've crawled through the tiny cavity of a cave with only your iPhone backlight to lead the way and arrive to a beam of rays, I could careless about everything else. I'm pretty sure I inhaled something weird being down there, but I got this shot of Jack. 


TravelMarvin King | @MIGHTYKILLSComment

Although I still prefer shooting on my own, I've got to say that I have met some pretty cool people through shooting with them. I met Salt and Chrissy through a string of Mighty Killers meets and events but I've never really gotten out there and shot with these guys. You have to admit, being at an event and hanging out is completely different than going out exploring and shooting with a group of people. These two are super chill folks and super down to Earth; not to mention they are a very talented couple. You rarely find a couple who both love to shoot, especially as much as these two do and it's inspiring to see them work. They swooped me up from BART and headed down to one of my favorite locations in Northern California, Shark Fin Cove. I've probably mentioned this a hundreds times by now but shit, this spot jus never gets old to me. I love everything about it and everything that surrounds it. It just has so much to offer, photo-op speaking. One day you find a washed up dead baby whale, another you find a gang of people pitching tents, then you have a bunch of people playing volleyball and kicking back, and then theres times where its completely quiet and you have the entire place to yourself.