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Over the weekend, the Mighty Killers squad was fortunate enough to be invited down to the Tastemade Gallivant event. Yes, the same Tastemade that you see on just about every social media platform that makes you drool all over your phone as you watch mesmerizing food-porn videos. You can say that it's NSFTH (Not Safe For The Hungry).. Tastemade has made its way into just about all major outlets with their hypnotizing DIY food videos and travel shows. They are without doubt, this generation's food and travel channel, so you know when they host a  party, all of LA's heavy hitters in the restaurant scene will be in attendance. 

And they sure didn't disappoint, open bar and a huge spread of finger-licking goodness... everything from poutine fries to lamb neck tacos. Yes, lamb neck.. don't knock it until you try it. 

The ambiance and vibe of the whole party was crazy. Everything took place in the Tastemade Studio, which used to be the distribution center for TOM's shoes and one of MTV's old recording studios. Walking in and seeing the set up from all of the individual studios on their Snapchat channel was dope to see in real life. The set up and presentation of all the food was amazing as well. It brought together a real relaxed feel where everyone was able drink, socialize, and enjoy divine food. 

We chilled with a lot of dope people, of those were Terry (@ASTERYX) and Antonio (@KOSTENNN). Who were both there to help launch Tastemade's newest docu-web series, Under Discovered. Terry and Antonio were there for the same reason we were, to participate in the Q&A for the Under Discovered series. The series is about the new generation of urban explorers who are connected through social media. The idea that one person can reach out to someone across the country that they have never met in real life but once they do, it is as if they have known them forever. The power of social media is huge and it is what Mighty Killers is all about. To continue to push the boundaries of social media, Tastemade also announced the upcoming launch of their new app Facet. We will be announcing the app in the near future. Trust us, this app takes travel and exploring to new heights, all the while connecting people.

During the Q&A, Marvin, Nikk, and Sam spoke on behalf of Mighty Killers about some of the craziest things they've done just to get the shot. Everything from Sam hanging off the edge of a cliff in Yosemite while holding on to Marvin's unlaced shoe. To Nikk climbing to the middle of California's tallest bridge. It was really inspiring seeing and hearing the reaction from the crowd, especially after the show. We never do what we do for the likes or comments, instead we do it because we love it. The adrenaline and passion to chase the perfect shot is the reason why we push the limits.