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Everyone knows that the heart of Tokyo is often a city that most believe never sleeps; but it does. If you stay up late enough, streets are deserted, and a place that was so full of life just a few hours ago is now seen as a pretty lonely place. The amount of unique lights spread across all over Tokyo makes it easily one of my favorite places to photograph at night. Our first night in Tokyo, we were pretty whooped from all the traveling so we decided to just take it easy, roam around a bit then call it a night.

Tsukiji Fish Market

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It was the first time I went Tsukiji Fish Market in early June 2015.  It's a large wholesale market for fish in central Tokyo. About 9AM on Saturday, really crowded when I was there. Things coming and going. I was trying to photograph working people and tourist as a street photographer. It was a really fun experience.

If you are planning to come here, you should hurry. The Tsukiji Fish Market is scheduled move  to a new site in Toyosu in 2016. It's supposed to be clean and neat. I mean old and dirty is better for capturing documentary photograph. 
-Takashi Yasui