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Something about the name Zion has always appealed to me. I can't really point out why, other than the fact that it just sounds like dope. Zion... Zion... Zion... It just has that utopic feel to it. Utopia being an imaginary place where everything is just perfect. A word very fitting to describe Zion National Park. Little did I know, Zion is a Hebrew word that means "a place of peace and relaxation." This canyon was given it's name by Mormon pioneers in 1800's and if I were a Mormon next to the one who said, "We shall name this canyon Zion" .... I would be like, "Hell yea bro! I'm all the way wit it!" Because that's exactly what I felt when we were covering the grounds of Zion. Something about the formation of the mountains that really made you feel like you were in a completely different world. I mean, almost every National Park makes you feel somewhat like you're in a different world, this is due to the fact that it's well preserved. It's free of all the industrial shit and civilization that it just feels raw. I could only imagine what this place would be like without all the roads, the visitor centers and port potties. 

Exploring Bryce Canyon

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Instead of catching the sunrise, we instead slept in since it was raining out. We started the day off by swinging by Lake Powell for some quick photos, then we drove a few hours over to Bryce Canyon to see one of the world's greatest wonders. Looking back at the shots some of the Mighty Killers had taken, I was definitely stoked to see the place with my own eyes. It started pouring but we were still able to get some pretty epic photos. It's almost impossible to get a bad shot here since the place itself was something out of this world. Knowing that the drive takes up most of the day, we scurried the shots we wanted most and made our way towards Monument Valley where we got a cabin for the night right in front of the three infamous monuments.

Bonneville Salt Flats

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Coming across this... I have no idea what you call it.. was a complete surprise. We were driving down the freeway looking for the Bonneville Salt Flats, which is massive by the way, and we saw this super vibrantly colored body of water and had to turn around and head towards it. It's pretty easy to miss if you're not staring dead out the window the entire drive. It's actually dipped into the ground with about 2-3 feet of mounds surrounding it. I really wanted to jump into it but the lack of knowledge to as what this water was made out of, I decided that it was a smart decision not to. I could've came out with superhero powers, could've... But I guess I will never know. 

Quick Trip through the South West

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Last week I was able to join Bryan and Silas on a trip and ventured our way through the South West. In four days, we were able to travel throughout Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. The drive was one thing that I did not mind at all since the scenery throughout the drive was exquisite as if being taken right out of a movie. It was quite remarkable in comparison to the drive towards the Pacific Northwest. We were able to touch down on the Valley of Fire, Horse Shoe Bend, Bryce Canyon, Monument Valley, Antelope Canyon, and Zion National Park all the while being able to stay in cabins that were very close or right at these destinations. The weather wasn't ideal nor was it what we hoped for. However, we made the best of the situation and in the end it did indeed turned out to be a trip to remember. Shoutout to the bisons and horses we met a long the way.