Petit Lemans

Connor SurdiComment


Ever since I first started taking photos, I've always been interested in cars. The sounds, the smells, the feels...All of the feels. These cars at Petit Lemans are on a completely different level than I have ever seen. A Porsche GT3 going past you at 150+ miles per hour while shifting with a holinger shifter is something I wouldn't mind listening to every day for the rest of my life. It's so perfect. The little exhaust pops instantly make you smile.

I was invited by YAER to come along and shoot at Road Atlanta and I'm sure glad I said yes because this weekend was definitely a unique experience. Why? Well...You probably heard of the recent hurricane to batter the east coast of the US...Hurricane Joaquim? Yeah, Joaquim hit Road Atlanta pretty hard. It was raining all three days and the actual race day got cut short because of the overflowing rain on the track. But - with crazy weather conditions comes crazy imagery.

I have never shot any cars of this caliber and definitely haven't shot cars that are going as fast as they were going. Most of the photos I took were on a 70-200L with a 2x extender or without the extender. No wide pans which makes me sad but this was a different approach for me. I didn't know the track or the angles and had to make due with what knowledge I had. For the weather conditions and my knowledge of the track/this genre of photography...I would like to think I got some pretty unique shots.

Until next year!