Worldwide Portraits with Adrian (@1.Living)

TravelNicholas La | @NIKK_LAComment

I had the pleasure of traveling around the world this summer and execute another project with one of my best friends for a nonprofit we started called "Picture A Change." We both lived in the same neighborhood and faced many similar struggles growing up in the city of Oakland, California. We both understood how easy it was to get caught up and being another example of our environment, so we started "Picture A Change" to shine light and showcase positivity through photography and film. Since photography and film has impacted our lives in a positive way, we wanted to be able to give back to our community and to other communities around the world as one of our missions. This past summer we traveled throughout the world to showcase the amazing nonprofits doing staggering work in their communities in hopes of bringing more attention so they can continue doing the great work they are already doing. Here are some portraits I was able to shoot of Adrian during our project in Abu Dhabi, Tokyo, Kyoto, and Bangkok.