Belle Parole Non Pascon i Gatti!

Connor SurdiComment

As a white person...When someone asks me what my ethnicity is.. Majority of people will just say, "I'm white!" That's not me! I am mostly Italian (we even have a homemade sauce recipe) and I had the opportunity to go to Italy with my family in the spring and I am so glad that I did.

Though I'm Italian, before this trip, the only place I've traveled to outside of North America is Japan....8 times. Though Japan has an amazing culture and incredible history..Italy was just a different kind of history. I've never seen so much insane architecture. The colors everywhere, the foods, the people...My mind is still blown away from everything that I saw during my short 13 days there. There's just so much raw culture that it's impossible to take it all in during a short vacation. Hell, I think it would probably take decades to fully understand or even just visit all of Italy's amazing sites. 

Though I was on vacation...I made sure to bring my camera with me everywhere and capture what I felt needed to be captured. I would love to go back to Europe just for the pure fun of photographing everything that I can. Soon...Soon.

Oh and if you were wondering what the title means... It means "Fine words don't feed the cats."I really have no idea what that quote even means but it sounds super Italian!