Marvin King | @MIGHTYKILLSComment

One of the things I dread the most is waking up, especially if it's waking up when it's still dark out. I've never really been much of a morning person... ever. However, it seems that some of my most favorite photos I've ever taken are from sunrises so it's been something that I've gradually gotten used to in the past few years. The thought of staying up until 2 or 3 in the morning shooting the night skies then trying to cram in a nap session and having to wake back up at 5 in the morning (sometimes even earlier), really dread. But that's only the thought of it.. I realize that when I'm actually in the moment, on location, I am so caught up in the stars that I want to squeeze every last minute I can get capturing them, that I don't even want to sleep. I would rather just stay up all night and go right into the morning. It's exactly what we did in Zion, stayed up all night shooting the stars and then just slept for about an hour or two inside of our car right at the trailhead of Canyon Overlook Trail. Sleeping in the car sucks, waking up early af sucks, but all that paid off cause sunrise was totally worth it.