48 Hours in the Swiss Alps (PART I)

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As the year turned to its best season fall, we decided to jump on a car and do a little weekend road trip to Switzerland. Together with @hannes_becker and @daniel_ernst I hit the road towards south on Friday noon. The car was packed with tents, camping goods, two Oru Kayaks and all the stuff you need to enjoy a weekend in the alps.

After 8 hours on the road we finally arrived at our destination: The region of Wallis. We camped near the suspension bridge in Bellwald because we wanted to grab the sunrise at the epic wooden bridge the next morning. The night was super cold and short, but we managed to get out just in time to be at the spot for sunrise. The view was epic, we were really lucky and had some fog rolling through the valley, which gave us some super nice shots.

After that we moved on to the city of Sion to meet up with our friend Patrick (@gullerpat). He is born and raised in the Wallis area and knows it better than anybody else. Also Patrick is pretty much the nicest dude to spend your time with, so we really looked forward to meeting him. 

Our first stop brought us to a lake inside of a cave... 

 To be continued...