UrbanMarvin King | @MIGHTYKILLSComment

As tradition goes, we've been holding photo contests at almost everyone of our EXPLORE meets. It's an awesome way to really challenge our guests to be creative and think differently than the person next to them when capturing photos from our meet. One of the things I enjoy most is being able to look back at all the photos taken from the meets and seeing just how different everyone captured it. All these different perspectives gives me a breath of fresh air from my usual style and edits; that is exactly our intentions with EXPLORE. We wanted to create a space, an archive, a collection that can inspire others to go out and explore their surroundings and capture it. On our third EXPLORE meet, sponsored by NICHE, there were two photos that really stuck out to us from the photo submissions on levels of style and creativity; Jordan and Carlos. These two won a free helicopter ride with Golden Gate Helicopters over San Francisco with one of our own, Nikk. A lengthy six months had passed since we announced our winners and we finally got them up in the air. Shout out to these two for being some genuinely dope people, gnarly photographers and of course, some of the most patient people I know for waiting six months for this to finally happen!

All the photos from this post are credited to both Jordan and Carlos, make sure to shoot over to their Instagram profiles and check out their work. Cheers