Leica SL Wetzlar Germany

Nicholas La | @NIKK_LAComment

Leica SL 24mm , F/2.8 , 1/40, ISO 25,000

Recently I was invited to the Leica Headquarters in Wetzlar Germany with a few others. A handful of us were flown into Germany to be one of the very first to test out the new Leica SL camera with the new 24-90mm lens to voice our opinions on the camera before it is released to the public. We all met up in Wetzlar for the press event where we had the opportunity to witness the unveiling of the camera and to also hear the story behind the concept of this camera. The next morning around 8AM, the 8 of us were taken to an underground mine in a city nearby Wetzlar to test out the insane ISO capabilities of the Leica SL. I was able to pull away 25-50,000 ISO with very minimum noise which is incredible! I only had the camera for a few hours so I’m not able to give anyone a full review of the camera just yet, but so far I am very impressed to say the least. I will be receiving the Leica SL in a few weeks to test out during my trip to Montana and will be able to give a better review thereafter. Stay tuned!