December Storms

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Creativity is a strange concept. 

If I'm honest, I've been in a huge rut. The past 4 months have been draining. While I've spent the majority of my time in classrooms and studios on campus, my mind has been elsewhere. Sure, there are some people/professors who have served as inspiration - People who are focused and on task; however, the college culture of procrastination is killing me. Being surrounded by people who are dodging deadlines and cramming sub-par efforts into projects is tough. Classrooms can teach technique, but they can't teach passion; and passion is necessary to fuel your creative processes. 

I've begun to see the importance in surrounding yourselves with people who are passionate; the importance of surrounding yourself with people who are striving for excellence. It reminds me of the old "if your friends jumped of a bridge, would you?" I want to be surrounded by people who are jumping headfirst off the bridge into the unknown, people who are following their dreams so heavily that failures not an option. People that aren't fueled by deadlines and obligations, but fueled by a burning desire to create and progress. My friend Micheal said something that stuck out to me today. He told me when he was 18, he figured out what he wanted to do, made a plan and gave himself no outs. He said he was either "going to make it, or end up homeless"; and years later, that commitment shows in his work and his success.

These past few days I've been surrounded by two of the heaviest hitting photographers in the state of Colorado - Garret (@short_stache) and Luke (@victorofvalencia) - guys who's work is constantly pushing me to refine my own craft.

You'll never be in a creative rut if you surround yourself with the right people - This last semester is going to be lit