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Haven't really gotten a chance to go out and shoot for a while. Partly because I've been completely swamped with projects; and to top it off, my wedding is in less than two months so you can just imagine the amount of stress that follows it. So yea, I guess you can say I have been a bit uninspired and lacking motivation as of late but after a while, it gets built and balled up inside and I just need to go out and explore some. There's really nothing like getting outside of these four walls and bingeing on some fresh air. 

Karl and I headed out to the Redwoods Regional Park based off of one single photo that he found through searches. I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into, all I know is that I just wanted to blow the dust off my camera and get to firing. We ended up on some trail, for what seemed to be forever, climbing up basically the entire way, looking for this one particular spot on the Madrone Trail but after reaching the end of it; nothing. I was totally whooped but I must say, I was able to get some cool shots along the way. So even though we failed to find what we came to see, we made the most of it and was able to knock out some dope shots. As tired and sweaty as you may be through out the hike, and those many times you were that close to giving up; don't. As soon as you sit down in your car and look back at some of the shots you got, you immediately tell yourself it was worth it.