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i remember when i first came about this style of editing about a year ago and it's just really stuck with me. i loved how moody it made each photo. i would always contemplate back and forth between my standard edit style and this. majority of the time, i just stick with the standard style but then from time to time, i can't help but to go crazy on some yellows. i've seen a ton of people try and mimic this look, which is cool i guess. i mean, i do always try and tell people to try out anything and everything because that's the only way that you will really learn... and the only way to really find your own personal style. but often times people confuse experimenting with straight up copying. whatever though, to each their own. 

here is a set of photos i took in the outskirt suburbs of osaka post rain. i've always loved taking photos after a rainy day, when roads are still wet and sky is still gloomy. the soft box of a sky really makes the roads look unreal. it leads your eyes into the photo. take a long stare at these and get lost.


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Although I still prefer shooting on my own, I've got to say that I have met some pretty cool people through shooting with them. I met Salt and Chrissy through a string of Mighty Killers meets and events but I've never really gotten out there and shot with these guys. You have to admit, being at an event and hanging out is completely different than going out exploring and shooting with a group of people. These two are super chill folks and super down to Earth; not to mention they are a very talented couple. You rarely find a couple who both love to shoot, especially as much as these two do and it's inspiring to see them work. They swooped me up from BART and headed down to one of my favorite locations in Northern California, Shark Fin Cove. I've probably mentioned this a hundreds times by now but shit, this spot jus never gets old to me. I love everything about it and everything that surrounds it. It just has so much to offer, photo-op speaking. One day you find a washed up dead baby whale, another you find a gang of people pitching tents, then you have a bunch of people playing volleyball and kicking back, and then theres times where its completely quiet and you have the entire place to yourself. 


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With the lack of free time in the past couple of weeks, I just haven't been able to shoot as often as before. The frustration of not having the time, and when I did have time, I had no energy.. all that gets built up and I feel like I'm about to lose it. Yesterday I actually had a free day, a completely free day with no obligations to do anything at all so of course I had to cap on the opportunity to go out and shoot. I forgot how much I missed just hitting the road and aimlessly explore. Somehow, I just always end up back here; Davenport. It's definitely getting a bit too popular these days. The past 3 times I've been back, I've ran into people and its cool and not cool at the same time as one of my favorite spots is becoming a place I try to avoid now. It's definitely sketchy getting down to the arches, and only the brave will take on the climb down. Definitely give props to the people I've met down on the beach here because I remember the first time I climbed down, I was pretty fuckin' scared. It's always entertaining watching people climb down and climb back up for their first time, but just be warned. 

The first time that I ever shot the Milky Way was about 3 years ago up on the west side of Lake Tahoe. I can still remember that experience, it definitely felt like a lifetime achievement for me. It meant a lot for me back then because it was something that I never thought of capturing since it was definitely unexpected. These days, I see Milky Way shots way too often but I'm glad that I caught it when I did because it really meant something to me. As we approach the end of Summer, I decided that tonight would be the perfect time to try and get it. Clear skies, chill night, New Moon, couldn't have asked for anything better. The experience of shooting stars and the Milky Way is always awesome. When you see your photo process, you're immediately in awe.

fuck, there it is.


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Haven't really gotten a chance to go out and shoot for a while. Partly because I've been completely swamped with projects; and to top it off, my wedding is in less than two months so you can just imagine the amount of stress that follows it. So yea, I guess you can say I have been a bit uninspired and lacking motivation as of late but after a while, it gets built and balled up inside and I just need to go out and explore some. There's really nothing like getting outside of these four walls and bingeing on some fresh air. 

Karl and I headed out to the Redwoods Regional Park based off of one single photo that he found through searches. I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into, all I know is that I just wanted to blow the dust off my camera and get to firing. We ended up on some trail, for what seemed to be forever, climbing up basically the entire way, looking for this one particular spot on the Madrone Trail but after reaching the end of it; nothing. I was totally whooped but I must say, I was able to get some cool shots along the way. So even though we failed to find what we came to see, we made the most of it and was able to knock out some dope shots. As tired and sweaty as you may be through out the hike, and those many times you were that close to giving up; don't. As soon as you sit down in your car and look back at some of the shots you got, you immediately tell yourself it was worth it.


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As we neared our halfway point into our long loop-trail hike at the bottom of Bryce Canyon, we decided to take a quick break. We were right at the entrance access to Wall Street, which we were told was closed by the Park Rangers due to the season, or falling rocks, or something danger, really I don't remember what exactly the reason was for it being closed but that just stuck in my head and for some reason, I didn't really have any inclination to check it out. We were all running off little to no sleep, dead ass tired from the hike, and realizing that there was only 1-2 hours left of sunlight with about 3+ more miles to hike really got me discouraged. Karl, however, wasted no time. He decided he wanted to go off and check Wall Street out while the rest of us just sat back and took a break and even got ran up on by a little chipmunk for my clif bar.. bastard
after a good lengthy while, Karl was still not back and we were all getting a bit antsy cause we wanted to make it back up to the top to catch sunset. so we finally just said fuck it, and went looking for Karl (I know you're probably thinking, why didn't you just text or call.. well, because no service.) We caught Karl on the way out and he was just going on and on about how dope it was so of course, we shoulda just went with him in the first place haha. it was honestly the dopest spot of our entire hike and I'm glad we hit it up, despite the fact that it was closed. it actually worked out, because it was a short cut back up to the top where we caught sunset. rad. hi-five Karl.

Tour of Heaven

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So this is heaven? I can definitely get used to this. Had to have been one of the most surreal places I had ever been to, some of the most surreal views I had ever witnessed. You know that feeling when you stare out the airplane window, and you're just gliding above a huge fluffy blanket of clouds? And before you know it, the view sucks, or you're inside of the clouds, or it's clear, and you never had the chance to really just soak it in. Partly because you're in a congested plane, with a piece of glass pressed against your forehead, the experience really just sucks if you really think about it.. but this... this was breathtaking. We sat up there for a couple of hours and waited for sunset. It was crazy watching the fog take over and surround us completely and trap us at the top. The sweeping views of fluffy white clouds just floating around was probably one of the most relaxing things I had ever seen. I wish I could just wake up to it every morning...

Treasures of Treasure Island

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I believe that one of the greatest things photography and Instagram has done is the ability to bring us all together. Photography has been around forever, Instagram hasn't. And if you have been into photography before Instagram, then you would know that getting together with other photographers rarely ever happened. Everyone either shot on their own; or had a group of friends to shoot with, but never was it so casual to just hit someone up out of the blue and say, "yo. I'm in town this week, lets link." I think because of Instagram, it's broken down that wall and allowed us all to share with the world, and it's amazing. What used to be weird and awkward (and typically ended up being ignored) for some stranger to hit you and ask to link, is now an opportunity. An opportunity to collaborate ideas, share stories, gain experience and learn, to teach, to build relationships, meet new friends, the list goes on. It's been such a dope experience to see all of this change and happen in my time, and to experience and really take advantage of it. 

This past Monday, Nikk and I had the opportunity to be reached out and to shoot with young gunner Antonio Jaggie, a.k.a. @KOSTENNN. Such a chill, talented and humble dude. Not really sure the extent of what I can say about the whole project and filming so I will just leave all of that part out till it actually happens. It was Kosten's first time out in San Francisco so it was dope to show him around the spots. Some definitely a lot harder to get to than others.. Having to military crawl through a 2' by 3' hole was not what I had expected but we did it anyways. Our first stop was Treasure Island, of course. Some of the dopest views are right on this island, however, definitely been over saturated in the past few years but the challenge to shoot this original location in a new creative perspective was fun.

Next stop... Mount Tamalpais. 

Bonneville Salt Flats

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Coming across this... I have no idea what you call it.. was a complete surprise. We were driving down the freeway looking for the Bonneville Salt Flats, which is massive by the way, and we saw this super vibrantly colored body of water and had to turn around and head towards it. It's pretty easy to miss if you're not staring dead out the window the entire drive. It's actually dipped into the ground with about 2-3 feet of mounds surrounding it. I really wanted to jump into it but the lack of knowledge to as what this water was made out of, I decided that it was a smart decision not to. I could've came out with superhero powers, could've... But I guess I will never know. 

Pinnacle of the Pinnacles

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been wanting to hit this spot for the longest. came across this location in a traveling magazine a while back and have always had it down on my list of locations to hit up and shoot but just never got around to it until now. it's one of those hidden gems that not a lot of people know about. it's not on the top of the list for most simply because it's not put out there as much as other spots in northern california; which is what made me want to come to this place even more. it, to me, was untouched territory to explore. i didn't see much photo of this place so it allowed me to be clear of any inspired shots that most places have. you know? like, if you go to yosemite, there is the cliche shot that everyone, i mean... everyone takes when they go there. but here, its clear of all of that. all you got is your thoughts, your camera, and your creativity. after hours and miles of uphill climb in the heat, temptations of turning back came into mind several times. part of the reason was because the entire climb up, there wasn't much to see so not really knowing what was at the top was definitely a coin flip. the chances of getting to the top and not having much of a view would have been devastating but that's the chances you take when you go out and explore. you never know the outcome. 
you never know what you're going to be able to capture, it could be complete shit...
or it can be something like this, beautiful.


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Sleeping in a penny-racer sized car with 3 other guys jam packed with camping equipment and camera gear wasn't our idea of camping at all. Due to certain circumstances, our over night drive from Wyoming all the way down to Utah was definitely a last minute decision that left us lacking in preparation. Oh, and a reservation for campgrounds. So that explains why we ended up in a parking lot of a lodge outside of Bryce Canyon National Park sleeping in the car. 
Being woke up from the sun beaming through the foggy windows, I realized we fucked up and that we were going to miss sunrise if I didn't start the car and get moving. Woke everyone up, started the car, smashed to the sunrise point at Bryce Canyon, ran to the cliffs...

and there it was.