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As we neared our halfway point into our long loop-trail hike at the bottom of Bryce Canyon, we decided to take a quick break. We were right at the entrance access to Wall Street, which we were told was closed by the Park Rangers due to the season, or falling rocks, or something danger, really I don't remember what exactly the reason was for it being closed but that just stuck in my head and for some reason, I didn't really have any inclination to check it out. We were all running off little to no sleep, dead ass tired from the hike, and realizing that there was only 1-2 hours left of sunlight with about 3+ more miles to hike really got me discouraged. Karl, however, wasted no time. He decided he wanted to go off and check Wall Street out while the rest of us just sat back and took a break and even got ran up on by a little chipmunk for my clif bar.. bastard
after a good lengthy while, Karl was still not back and we were all getting a bit antsy cause we wanted to make it back up to the top to catch sunset. so we finally just said fuck it, and went looking for Karl (I know you're probably thinking, why didn't you just text or call.. well, because no service.) We caught Karl on the way out and he was just going on and on about how dope it was so of course, we shoulda just went with him in the first place haha. it was honestly the dopest spot of our entire hike and I'm glad we hit it up, despite the fact that it was closed. it actually worked out, because it was a short cut back up to the top where we caught sunset. rad. hi-five Karl.